Fay causes flooding, power outages in New Jersey

The remnants of Tropical Storm Fay brought flooding, power outages and heavy winds to the Mid-Atlantic.

The storm prompted flash flooding earlier in the week in Georgia and South Carolina, and farther north Friday in New Jersey and New York.

The storm made landfall near Atlantic City, N.J., on Friday and weakened as it spent time over land.

Police in Newark and Hackensack, N.J., assisted stranded residents and motorists caught in several feet of water.

“It was deeper than I thought, basically what it was, and it almost made it but it stopped where the car is inundated right now, and I had to push it over to here,” Newark Uber driver Robert Francis told media.

The downpour hit New York City around midday Friday.

“Bearing down on us, right now, we have a tropical storm,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “We need people to be ready for that.”

Accuweather said more than 10,000 customers in South Jersey were without power Friday.

Photo Credit : https://www.pikrepo.com/nmbab/silver-sedan-on-road-during-rain

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