US buys potential vaccine against COVID-19 for USD 1.95 billion

The US government has pledged to buy 100 million doses of a potential vaccine, which is currently being developed by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer for potential delivery in 2020.

The contract, worth USD 1.95 billion (EUR 1.68 billion) was announced on Wednesday, July 22, by the US Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar.

“Now those would, of course, have to be safe and effective” and verified by US the Food and Drug Administration, the US Health and Human Services Secretary stated in an interview with Fox News.

The official added that the contract brings to five the number of potential coronavirus vaccines that are under development with U.S. funding. More than 20 experimental vaccines are in various stages of human testing around the world, with several entering final testing stage to prove if they can really help against COVID-19.

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