US cities lift curfews, protests continue

In the US, a number of mayor cities have lifted their curfews. Protests against police brutality and issues of racial inequality continued over the weekend, German public broadcaster DW reports.

New York City and Chicago lifted their restrictions on movement on Sunday, June 7, following a weekend of protests against racism and police brutality. The move came as several US city governments were seeking to defuse tensions and have responded to protesters’ demands by promising reform.

“I made the decision to end the curfew. And honestly, I hope it’s the last time we will ever need a curfew in New York City,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated.

Marches and rallies continued in New York City on Sunday, June 7, with thousands of demonstrators marching through Manhattan chanting slogans such as «Black Lives Matter» and «George Floyd», whose death started the protest movement.

Floyd, an unarmed black man in handcuffs, died May 25 after a white officer pressed his knee onto his neck in Minneapolis, ignoring his «I can’t breathe» cries and staying on it even after the man stopped moving, DW reports.

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