US fighting severe spread of COVID-19 and masks are mandatory for Americans

The US, which is the coronavirus-worst-hit country in the world by the number of both confirmed infections and deaths, has asked the population to wear face masks, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

According to the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control, over past 14 days to Tuesday, July 21, 891 385 people have been found to have contracted the novel coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 140 906 Americans have died from conditions related to COVID-19 and 3 830 010 have been infected.

On Tuesday, July 21, US President Donald Trump asked all Americans to wear face coverings, saying “they’ll have an effect” and show “patriotism”.

Regarding the COVID-19 situation in the US, Trump warned the public:

“It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better. Something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is.”

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